Green tortelli with porcini mushrooms and pork cheek

250g of Green Tortelli Oro del Territorio

150g of fresh porcini mushrooms

100g of pork cheek

Garlic, olive oil, parsley, salt, pepper to taste

Clean and cut the porcini mushrooms into not too small pieces. Toss them in a pan with garlic, olive oil and parsley, leaving them al dente (not overcooked). In another pan, cook the pork cheek cut into cubes or strips, brown it to make it lose some of the fat and make it a little crunchy (to taste). Cook the tortelli in abundant salted water, drain and toss with the mushrooms, add the bacon.

Variation: for a richer taste, cook the mushrooms in butter instead of olive oil. In this case, decorate with a few small sage leaves.