Quality As Priority

The theme of quality has always guided us in the choice of ingredients and in the research development of the products we offer you. We want our products to be the result of careful and thoughtful choices, like those you would make when you prepare a special lunch for your loved ones: taste and quality without compromise.

We pay great attention to the traditions of our territory, to respect what our customers are used to at their homes.

We want to be a must for the new generations who, working long hours away from home, do not have time to devote to cooking and in particular to the homemade making of fresh pasta.

We want to be a certainty for the thousands and thousands of families who choose us every day, knowing that with our products they will eat something good, healthy and prepared with love as grandma would have done for them.

Over the years we have strengthened our Quality Assurance office, selected and checked all our suppliers to make sure we use only the finest raw materials that we cook with care, respecting ancient times and methods.
We are BRC and IFS certified.