Our Commitment

Reggiana Gourmet is a team. A team of people who work every day to achieve a fundamental goal: to produce fresh filled pasta of the highest quality according to traditional Italian recipes. For over thirty years we have been producing cappelletti from Reggio Emilia, green and pumpkin tortelli, anolini from Parma, tortellini from Bologna, fresh pasta with fillings from Piacenza and Modena, and all variants of tortelli, potatoes and Parmigiana. Every corner of Emilia offers a tradition, each province has a characteristic shape of pasta and filling. Reggiana Gourmet offers a perfect symbiosis between taste and tradition that reflects old recipes and new flavors.

Our plant, in Bagnolo in Piano (RE), is a laboratory of over 2000 square meters equipped with the most sophisticated technology on the market. Our strong passion for craftsmanship emphasizes the authenticity of raw materials, traditional processing, the slow times that this requires. Thanks to a corporate climate based on mutual respect, involvement, sharing of objectives and successes, Reggiana Gourmet is a reality that continues to grow by focusing on the quality of the ingredients, on innovation and on the timely control of each phase of the production process. Our first commitment is precisely to innovate by focusing on the type of product, taste and recipes, while keeping an eye on the authenticity of the flavors, the Emilian nature and the values ​​that characterize our brand.

The main objective that the company has today is to always offer new incentives and reasons for purchasing our products, to meet the needs of the market, including the need for convenience, without ever compromising on the quality of ingredients and finished products.