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Kinds of Pasta

Fresh Filled Pasta

Fresh Pasta

Quality as Priority

The theme of quality has always guided us in the choice of ingredients and in the research development of the products we offer you.

Our Commitment

Reggiana Gourmet is a team. A team of people who work every day to achieve a fundamental goal: to produce fresh filled pasta of the highest quality according to traditional Italian recipes.

Ingredients First

We are a 100% Italian food company, we produce all our products in Reggio Emilia, in the heart of the Italian food valley. Our products contain the best of the agri-food production of our area.


Bologna’s tortellini with speck, turmeric and fresh cream

Ricotta and spinach tortelli with scallops, crispy bacon and mint

Anolini with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella

Ricotta and spinach tortelli with fresh rocket clams and shrimps

Green tortelli with porcini mushrooms and pork cheek

Ricotta and spinach tortelli with boar sauce